My soul is slashed


Paroles : Mylène Farmer et Ira Israël - Musique : Laurent Boutonnat
Éditions : Polygram Music

Silence falls
God I'm cold
Our dancing souls
Now fumbling ghosts
You poison love
Poison tears
Our happiness
Gives way to fear

You're between us
Rubber lust
You slither in around
My love
How should I feel
Should I deal
When suddenly
You're inside me

My soul is slashed
I get so lost without you
My dreams collapse
My pain is pulling me through
My soul is slashed
But tie me right up
With your roses and lips
The times are masked
Love in a bag, so sad
But baby do me

Who's that angel
Who comes and falls
To crucify
All my desires
No place to hide
J'ai si mal
I'm lost in time
I've learned to cry